We want to make you aware of some key bills/laws, intiatives, and more happening in Utah.

Our goal is to simply offer you information you may not otherwise get or be aware of…



Utah is in the process of rolling out a statewide surveillance system. We will link several key pieces of information regarding this for you to review. You can decide if you think this is for our safety and security, or if you think it is an invasion of privacy. 

The surveillance page can be found at this link.


Utah has changed a substantial amount of farmland. Currently there is a choice to be made by Utahns: Housing vs farmland/state food production.

A lot of land that has been used for high density housing has been built on former farmland. 

Utahns will need to look at these options and decide what is most important. There is much more to farming/food, so to review please go here


Utah is a unique place as far as choices and water are concerned. 

We are being told to conserve water, but we are also building housing at a rapid rate. We are also redirecting fresh water and drinking water from farmers, to the Great Salt Lake (GSL). There are many reasons for this; of course, the main one being that we need to save the GSL. Did you know that the GSL is also used for lithium? That requires evaporation. 

As a state we need to decide what is the priority. How can all these housing needs coexist? With an extreme water conservation push, saving the GSL while at the same time depleting it’s water for mining, and reallocationg water from our farmers, something has to give, what is it? 

More information on water here.

Local Government/ Special Districts

Utah (and every state) has the right to control its own land and government. Two major categories exist where Utahns need to decide if they’re ok with giving up this right. This is a fundamental right for the people of Utah. Separate from political opinions, it is a basic foundation of the power of the people. Learn about federal control of local Utah districts and private corporations exercising government power in Utah.

With that in mind, Utahns need to look into new special districts, PIDs (public infrastructure district), DIDs, LIDs and more. How are these funded? Who ultimately has ownership of these districts? How are taxes/fines/ and or fees imposed? Are they elected representatives or appointed boards? Do we like or dislike all the answers to these questions? Do we even have answers to these questions?

For more information please go here.

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